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Digital Photography and Storytelling Workshops

Banda Aceh, Indonesia -
December 2005

Phang-nga, Thailand -
October 2006

Children's photography

Behind the scenes photographs
from InSight Out! Workshops


SoePrinya VarakKapkaRinaAungWinNazarCutRinaYani
Rifan Salahul Bain Wong Yusnidar Win



Digital Photography and Storytelling Workshops
Banda Aceh, Indonesia - December 2005
Phang-nga, Thailand - October 2006

Photographers in order: Aung SoeWin, Prinya Varak, Kapkaew Leebamrung, Aekkapong Navark, Rina Dewi, Aung HtunLay, Win Maw, M. Nazar, Cut Sairan, Rina Dewi, Ahmat Yani, Udomporn Klatalay, Nukul Kraisut, Narumon Wonsits, Aek Navarak, Eka Parati, Htoo Naing Lin, Myo Min Naing, Prapatsorn Navara, Rifan Syah, Salahul Bain, Salahul Bain, Wongsakorn Songsaengchan, Yusnidar and Win Maw whose photo was published in National Geographic (Asia)

The InSIGHT Out! project was started by a group of professional journalists who covered mass destruction and human suffering caused by the 2004 Asian tsunami disaster. 

Moved by the spirit and courage of those living in tsunami-devastated communities in Khao Lak, Thailand and Banda Aceh, Indonesia, the journalists developed an idea to ‘turn the table’ on traditional media coverage by teaching young people to document their own thoughts, feelings and strengths under difficult circumstances. 

Thus, the concept of InSIGHT Out! was born; to encourage the “victims” to express their own ideas about rebuilding their homes and families through photographs and stories, thereby aiding their psychological recovery.

A series of three intensive workshops and bimonthly weekend workshops are held throughout the year to train participants and local NGO partners in professional photography, writing, and editing techniques. During these trainings children between 8 and 15 years old are divided into a group of ten and learn basic principles of photography and digital camera handling.

While working in the same tsunami affected areas in Phang Nga Province in Thailand, the 2007 project broadened its focus much beyond tsunami recovery and started working with children in Thailand’s southern provinces Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat where ethnic conflicts culminating in daily assassinations, bombings, and random killings have affected adults and children alike.

Jeanne Hallacy, Project Director



InSIGHT Out! is made possible by the the generous support of:

• UNICEF Thailand –
• Open Society Institute Southeast Asia Initiatives
• SONY Thailand
• Save the Children UK

InSIGHT Out! works in collaboration with these NGO’s and organizations in Thailand:

• Phuket Aquarium
• Tourism Authority of Thailand
• Goethe Institut
• Duang Prateep Foundation


Several of the young people have gained recognition for their work; Win Maw, a 12-year-old girl from Burma, received first prize in a National Geographic Thailand photo contest where her work was published.  The InSIGHT Out! project is being featured in many international newspapers and magazines.

InSIGHT Out! Exhibitions

• Saphan Jai Festival and Exhibition
• Goethe Institute
• Steinfurt, Germany
• Opening February 2007

Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand (FCCT)
Bangkok, Thailand
InSIGHT Out! Photography and Story Exhibition
December 8-20 2006

Youth Ambassadors Tour
Bangkok ,Thailand  Dec 7-9 2006
Chulalongkorn University and Bangkok Patana International School

Angkor Photo Festival
Angkor Photography Festival, Siem Reap, Cambodia
November 2006
InSIGHT Out! Slide Show Presentation 

Chobi Mela Photo Festival
Bangladesh, October 2006
InSIGHT Out! Slide Show Presentation

Chobi Mela IV
International Festival of Photography,
Dhaka, Bangladesh, October 2006

Khukkuk Buddhist Temple
Phang-nga, Thailand for Tsunami Anniversary,
December 2006

UNICEF Website:

InSIGHT Out! was featured on the UNICEF web site December 18th 2006

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For My Mother by Burin Klatalay (Pead).

A Peaceful Family by Aung Soe Win

Behind The Scenes Poster

Magazine and Newspaper Publications
Television Broadcast

Amana Magazine (January 2008)
Life Goes On Project Magazine (June 2007)
Law Magazine for the Ultimate Insider Analysis, Thailand (June - Sept 2007)
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Asian Geo Magazine (July 2007)
Inter Press Service News Agency
Bangkok Post (December 24, 2006)
Bangkok Post, cover story Guru Magazine (July 2006)
The Nation, cover story Focus features section
Thai Day, cover story features section
Asia Books New Arrivals Magazine
Monkey Youth Magazine
Dateline Magazine, FCCT

Television Broadcast, FCCT

Associated Press TV, Feature, May 2007
Channel 5 Thailand, June 2007
Outlook Channel, Art de Siam, Half-hour documentary, April 2007
CNN International, December 2006
ABC Australia, December 2006
TBS Tokyo Broadcasting Japan, December 2006
Channel 11 Thailand, December 2006